Providing Active Care
for Active People

We are a professional membership association for athletic trainers and those who support the athletic training profession in Wisconsin.

Our mission is to improve the quality of health care for the physically active in the state of Wisconsin by the promotion and advancement of the athletic training profession and the licensed/certified athletic trainer.

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Facts About Athletic Trainers

1. Athletic trainers know and practice health care at the highest professional, ethical and quality standards in order to protect the public.

2. Athletic trainers are regulated and licensed health care workers.

3. More than 50 percent of athletic trainers work outside of school athletic settings; they provide services to people of all ages. 

4. ATs improve patient functional and physical outcomes.

5.  ATs specialize in patient education to prevent injury and re-injury and reduce rehabilitative and other health care costs.

6. ATs provide the same or better outcomes in clinical settings as other providers.


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Representative (Insert) & Senator (Insert),

I am emailing you to express my opposition to the elimination of the Athletic Trainer’s Affiliated Credentialing Board for the following reasons:

·The current system works very well and allows for independent oversight by those who know the nuances of each profession best. Combining professions into a single entity would promote confusion, strained communication and inefficient regulation.

·While there are areas of professional overlap, athletic training encompasses a wide array of unique and distinct skills that are utilized in a variety of professional settings. ATs provide patient care in schools, colleges and professional sport settings, youth and club sport settings, motor sports, industrial and workplace environments, fire, police and military settings and in the performing arts. Athletic trainers best understand the knowledge, competencies and skills that are required to deliver efficient and effective care which ultimately provide the best in public protection and safety.

·Other professions residing on the newly proposed board are primarily clinical in nature. They simply do not have the experience or exposure to understand the scope of services and the breadth of the patient population that athletic trainers reach. This would significantly affect the ability of this committee to fairly and efficiently preside over other professions who are represented on the board.

·The inevitable inefficiencies and interprofessional misunderstandings within the proposed board would perpetuate due to the fact that half of the members of the medical therapy examining board would be replaced every two years.

·The members of the current ATACB are volunteer members. The proposed cost savings are minimal as currently there is very little cost in holding a credentialing board meeting. The combined makeup of the board could in fact increase time and resources needed to fully research and educate the various professions on matters and interests at hand. This could easily offset any proposed savings intended by the proposed changes.

·Any matter currently being considered, debated and discussed among our ATACB would be transferred to the new combined board. This means that an issue that is likely best understood by the members of our profession would now be ruled/decided upon by PT,OT and MT interests.

Feel free to contact me,

(Insert Name)

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