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Awards and Scholarships

The Awards Committee oversees the process of collecting nominations and selecting recipients for a variety of WATA awards. The WATA Hall of Fame, Distinguished Service Award, Outstanding Educator Award, Honorary Membership and other special designated awards are awarded under the guidance of the Awards Committee. The WATA seeks to recognize those individuals who have distinguished themselves in service to the athletic training profession. Members are encouraged to review the criteria of each award and, when appropriate, nominate deserving colleagues for recognition.

We encourage all of our web visitors to browse the WATA Hall of Fame information and to review the list of previous winners in all of our award categories. Our organization stands on the shoulders of those who have come before us to advance the profession of athletic training; we are pleased to honor their hard work.

WATA Hall of Fame

Please feel free to contact the Awards and Scholarships Committee Coordinator: Anna Linstedt if you have any questions.


Displayed in this slideshow are the current 2017 Awards and Scholarship winners. See the complete list below of this year's winners.  

 2017 WATA Awards and Scholarship Recipients
Quiz Bowl- Carroll College: Rachael Hewson, Austin Edge, Mikayla Laue, and Dillon Hock

Poster Presentation Winners: 
1st Place: What are the acute effects of myofascial release techniques on shoulder range of motion?
School M, Londo D,Vanderhill H, Riedel B of University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

2nd Place: Compliance of Athletic Trainers with the NATA Concussion Position Statement
Berghammer E, Brown K, and Magadanz M of University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

3rd Place: Effectiveness of the Marc Pro Device (MPD) in aiding recovery of lower body skeletal musculature using the rate of perceived exertion (RPE) and perceived recovery status scale (PRS)
Tchernev DD Emineth KK, Luedke JA of University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

WATA Founding Fathers Scholarship: Kaitlyn Reinke- UW Madison
Mueller Undergraduate Scholarship: Allison Freier- UW La Crosse and Kami Thews- UW Oshkosh
Outstanding Educator: Shari Clark, ATC, LAT
Distinguished Service: Steve Allison, LAT, CEAS and Mark Husen, LAT
Honorary Membership: Donald Wackwitz, MD
Hall of Fame Pin Presentation: Jeanne Brown, MS, LAT, CISM

Service Pins: Kyle Gibson, MS, LAT- outgoing SW Representative, Mark Husen, LAT- outgoing NE Representative, Lucas Solum, LAT-outgoing Treasurer, Alyson Kelsey, MEd, LAT- website coordinator, Rob Sipes and Holly Schmies-outgoing Student Senate committee coordinators, Brent Amble-outgoing COPA coordinator, and 2017 Planning Committee

If you would like to nominate a deserving individual for any of these award or scholarships, you can fill out the Awards Nomination Form or by contacting Anna Lindstedt, WATA Awards and Scholarship Committee Coordinator.