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Awards Links

If you would like to nominate a colleague for a district or national award, please use the links provided below to review the criteria and nominations procedures. The State of Wisconsin has a rich and growing athletic training tradition; we should celebrate that tradition by nominating deserving candidates for appropriate honors.

WATA members who have received GLATA Awards:

Eric Post, MS, ATC-Gordy Stoddard Research Assitance Award-2016
Joe Greene-GLATA President’s Excellence Award– 2016
Ryan Wilkinson-GLATA Outstanding Educator– 2016
Stephanie Trigsted-GLATA Thomas Weidner Research Assistance Award-2016
Andrew Winterstein – GLATA Outstanding Educator Award – 2008
Mark Gibson – GLATA Dedicated Service Award – 2007
Jeff Oliphant – GLATA Outstanding Educator Award – 2006
Brad Sherman – GLATA Dedicated Service Award – 2003
Dan Campbell – GLATA Dedicated Service Award – 2002

GLATA Honors and Awards information


WATA members who have received NATA Awards:

Andrew Winterstein- NATA Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer Award-2016
Joe Greene – NATA Athletic Trainer Service Award – 2007
Brad Sherman – NATA Athletic Trainer Service Award – 2007
Mark Gibson – NATA Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer – 2004
Dan Trampf – NATA Athletic Trainer Service Award – 2004
Karen Toburen – NATA Hall of Fame – 1999
Gordon “Doc” Stoddard – NATA Hall of Fame – 1993
Robert Weingart – NATA Hall of Fame – 1979
Carl “Bud” Jorgensen – NATA Hall of Fame – 1968
Walter Bakke – NATA Hall of Fame – 1968

NATA Honors and Awards information