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Honorary Membership

This award recognizes an individual who is not an Athletic Trainer, but has made significant contributions to the improvement and progression of Athletic Training in Wisconsin and/or the WATA. Individuals who may be eligible for this award include, but are not limited to: physicians, other allied health professionals, athletic directors, coaches, academic administrators such as principals, secretaries, department chairs, school deans, chief academic officers, and presidents of organizations that support Athletic Trainers, the Athletic Training profession in Wisconsin and/or the WATA.

Honorary Membership: Douglas Connor, MD

Honorary Membership: Douglas Connor, MD

Recipients will be honored at the WATA Awards Banquet, as part of the WATA Annual Meeting and Symposium.

A plaque about 8" x 11" bearing the outline of the state of Wisconsin will be presented to each award recipient.

The WATA need not award this honor every year.

Honorary Membership Award Eligibility Requirements

  • Minimum of five years of involvement with Athletic Trainers in Wisconsin and/or the WATA.
  • Significant promotion and advocacy of the profession of Athletic Training in Wisconsin and/or the WATA.

Nomination Procedure

Complete and submit the Awards Nomination Form. You will need to include a letter of nomination detailing the nominee's qualifications for this award, as well as a copy of the nominee's curriculum vitae.

Previous WATA Honorary Membership Award Recipients


Douglas Connor, MD 


Dr. Donald Wackwitz


Dr. Kevin Walters

Dr. Craig Young


James Ebben, MD

Mark Hallett, MD

Patrick J. McKenzie, MD


John Drawbert, MD


Gregory Landry, MD