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Outstanding Educator

This award recognizes a member of the Wisconsin Athletic Trainers' Association (WATA) for his/her outstanding contribution to the education of Athletic Trainers and/or Athletic Training Students in Wisconsin. This award can recognize those involved within CAATE accredited educational programs, but can also include members serving as clinical instructors at off-campus affiliated sites (high schools, clinics, other college/university). This award can also include those members who have contributed significantly to creating and developing continuing educational programs at the local, state, regional and/or national levels, as well as other continuing education opportunities.

2016 Outstanding Educator Award Winner Robert Stow.

2016 Outstanding Educator Award Winner Robert Stow.

Recipients will be honored at the WATA Awards Banquet, as part of the WATA Annual Meeting and Symposium.

A plaque about 8" x 11" bearing the outline of the state of Wisconsin will be presented to each award recipient.

The WATA need not award this honor every year.

Distinguished Service Award Eligibility Requirements

  • Minimum of five years of active membership in the WATA.
  • BOC Certified Athletic Trainer.
  • Service and/or contributions to the WATA and/or the athletic training profession at the local, state, regional and/or national level.

Nomination Procedure

Complete and submit the Awards Nomination Form. You will need to include a letter of nomination detailing the nominee's qualifications for this award, as well as a copy of the nominee's curriculum vitae.

Previous WATA Outstanding Educator Award Recipients

Robert Stowe


Scott Doberstein

Chris Geiser

John Oschenwald


Holly Schmies


Jennifer Earl-Boehm


Mark Gibson


David Leigh


Bradley Sherman


Andrew Winterstein


Jeff Oliphant (Inaugural Recipient)