Providing Active Care
for Active People

Critical Incident Stress Management Team

WATA Critical Incident Stress Management Team

When catastrophic sporting incidents occur…
“We help those who help others”

The Mission of the WATA CISM Team

The Wisconsin Athletic Trainers’ Association CISM team provides free stress management interventions to licensed athletic trainers, their teams, coaches and families. The team provides CISM interventions before, during and after critical incidents.

How we can help you in a crisis…

  • Pre-incident education…What is CISM?
  • Psychological first aid
  • Assist with large group, small group, and one   on one discussions and debriefings
  • Provide your athletic staff a network of beneficial resources and staff support
  • Crisis management briefings and follow up  sessions
  • Short term staffing and coverage assistance

We provide support services to help you and your staff who have to continue to “help others”

Members of the WATA CISM Team are located throughout the state of Wisconsin. Readily available to respond to the needs of our athletic training colleagues, coaches, and staff during a catastrophic event. These team members are certified athletic trainer colleagues trained in critical incident stress management who understand not only the issues you face in dealing with a critical incident, but also the reality that you still have to continue providing coverage to your team. We are able to provide you and your staff the support you need to navigate through any critical incident that may occur.

Should you or your team face a catastrophic event we are here to help support you and your staff in dealing with such an incident. For more information or to contact the WATA CISM Team to assist with a catastrophic event visit our website at:

Or Contact us Directly at: