Providing Active Care
for Active People


With passage of the licensure bill, the WATA membership has become more active in politics and campaigns.  That is a good thing!  Being active in the political process is crucial to continued success in your regulated profession.  All other health care professions are involved in lobbying and political campaigns.  Legislators rely on your experience and knowledge when they draft legislation relating to your profession.  The Association speaks collectively for the Athletic Training profession on legislative uses and with the establishment of the WATA PAC, can contribute to candidates as a profession.

It is very important to be involved in the political process.  Getting to know your local legislators and building a strong relationship with them will help to ensure a strong Association and profession.  In addition, your participation in the WATA PAC will help to support legislators who listen to our concerns.

At various times throughout the year, the PAC will solicit personal contributions from WATA members.  Raising money is never easy or fun but it is important.  A contribution of $10 or $20 goes a long way when contributed with other WATA members. The WATA Board, in consultation with the governmental affairs team, will make the decisions on the PAC distributions when it is necessary.

How do I make a contribution?

To make your contribution to the PAC fund, please complete the form on the bottom of the page and send it to Heidi Gutschow, WATA PAC Administrator.  The WATA PAC fund has a separate banking account for the WATA and is comprised of voluntary personal contributions to be held in escrow for a later contribution to a candidate’s campaign account.  The PAC will only be used for state races.


WATA PAC Fund Contribution Form