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Research Committee

WATA Research Committee

The purpose of the WATA Research Committee is to promote athletic training related research in the state of Wisconsin. This is accomplished through the solicitation, review, and funding of research proposals submitted by the membership, providing Free Communications at WATA sponsored events, and performing the research related needs of the WATA leadership.


David Bazett-Jones, PhD, AT, CSCS (Carroll University)


Robert Stow, PhD, AT (UW-Eau Claire)
Michael McElroy, MS, AT (Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin)
David Bell, PhD, AT, (UW-Madison)

If WATA members are interested in serving on the Research Committee, please send a letter of interest and current curriculum vitae or resume to David Bazett-Jones at

Research Grant Awards:

The WATA awards up to $2000 for individuals as grants to fund research on various sports medicine topics. Each FY, $3-4000 is allocated for this purpose.

Who is Eligible?

Certified Athletic Trainer
WATA Member
Graduate students (must have faculty advisor)


Oral or poster presentation at WATA

Due dates:

Reviewed biannually (April 1, November 1)

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