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for Active People

We are looking for high school LATs to assist us with a new study titled:   “Identifying risk factors for injuries in female high school volleyball players.” 

The goal of this study is to identify modifiable risk factors that put female high school players at increased risk of sustaining an injury while playing volleyball.

The study will take place during the fall 2018 high school girl’s volleyball season

LATs who agree to assist with our data collection at their school will be paid a $500 stipend, receive an android computer tablet (to keep at the end of the study) and awarded 10.0 NATA-BOC CEUs (category B). We will provide a separate $500 stipend to each girls’ volleyball program at participating schools.

Funding for this study is provided with grants from the National Federation of High School Associations and the University of Wisconsin, Dept. of Orthopedics – Sports Medicine Program.

If interested, please contact Tim McGuine PhD ATC at: .