The Wisconsin Athletic Trainers' Association has ten standing committees and three sub-committees. Each committee chair is responsible for reporting information to a member of the WATA Board and submitting regular reports on committee action to the Board.

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Critical Incident Stress Management Team
Co-Chairs: Keith Owsley, Roland Schmidt, Tina Koyen
Purpose: Provides free stress management interventions to licensed athletic trainers, their teams, coaches and families. The team provides CISM interventions before, during and after critical incidents.
Reports to: President

Chair: Erin Buenzli
Purpose: Responsible for the development of a financial strategic plan and ideas for revenue development. Will prepare the annual budget and make recommendations to the Board of Directors for monetary expenses and financial planning for scholarships and sponsorships.
Subcommittees: Golf Outing, WATA Sponsorship
Reports to: President-Elect

Governmental Affairs
Chair: Mike Van Veghel
Purpose: Responsible for staying abreast of all governmental affairs that will affect the WATA and communicating this to the membership. Also responsible for making recommendations on the Practice Act, managing the conduit, and coordinating legislative events such as letter writhing campaigns and Legislative Day.
Reports to: President-Elect

Awards and Scholarships
Chair: Anna Linstedt
Purpose: The Committee oversees the process and selection of recipients for the WATA Awards and Scholarships. Responsible for maintaining records of awards granted and significant historical events in the WATA.
Reports to: Vice-President

Leadership Development
Chair: Ryan Wilkinson
Purpose: Responsible for creating leadership opportunities and mentoring potential leaders through recruitment and growth of leadership skills.
Reports to: President

Continuing Education
Co-Chairs: CEC
Purpose: Responsible for the development and planning of all continuing education events within the WATA. Membership will include Regional Representatives, and the Chair of the Student Affairs Committee to better meet the needs of all members.
Reports to: Regional Representatives

Public Relations
Chair: Matt Patzke
Purpose: The main focus of this committee is to serve as the external voice of the WATA. Will create and maintain liaisons with other associations within WI to promote athletic training, create marketing plans to promote the profession with great attention given to National Athletic Training Month in March. Members to include WIAA Liaison appointment and a member of the Student Affairs Committee.
Reports to: Vice-President

Reimbursement and Employment
Co-Chairs: Joe Greene
Purpose: To advance third party reimbursement model and investigate other means of revenue for athletic training services. Membership needs to include a representative of all work settings including, but not limited to: clinic, industrial, and college/university.
Reports to: President

Research & Outcomes
Chair: David Bazett-Jones
Purpose: To support and enhance research activities within the WATA membership by promoting research grants and estabilishing free communications at educational events. Will also be responsible for administering surveys when the input of the membership is needed.
Reports to: Treasurer

Student Senate
Faculty Advisers: Holly Schmies and Rob Sipes
Purpose: To represent the needs of the WATA Student members and support the efforts of all WATA Committees. The chair of this committee must be a certified member. Additional members consist of certified members, GLATA Student Senators, and one student advisory member from each CAATE program in Wisconsin. The chair of this committee will sit on the Continuing Education Committee and this committee will also provide representatives/liaisons to the Governmental Affairs and Public Relations Committees. These representatives can be certified members and/or student members.
Reports to: Secretary

Chair: Cordial Gillette
Purpose: To serve as the internal voice of the WATA. Committee will determine the content of the website, maintain content, and create the newsletter and e-blasts for the membership.
Reports to: Treasurer