Governmental Affairs

The Governmental Affairs Committee is responsible for representing the WATA Inc and its membership in legislative and regulatory matters that affect the practice of athletic training in the State of Wisconsin.

The committee is currently comprised of the following members:

Committee chair: Mike Van Veghel LAT
Committee members: Joe Greene MS LAT
David Bazette-Jones MS LAT
Denny Helweg LAT
Andy Winterstein PhD, LAT
Conduit officer: Heidi Gutschow PT, LAT
Student member: Katie Vissers (UW La Crosse)
Lobbyist / staff: Scott Stenger, Stenger Government Relations

The committee reports to the WATA President-Elect per WATA Governance structure and will ideally have representation from all regions of the State.

The WATA Governmental Affairs Committee exists in an effort to assist the WATA and its membership in achieving the goals set forth in its legislative agenda and strategic plan. This committee will carefully monitor health care industry trends as well as critically analyze and track State and Federal legislation that could affect the practice of Athletic Training. This includes regular review of our own practice act. The goal is to defend the practice of Athletic Training and to protect against restriction of our practice be it by location, patient population or through insufficient third party reimbursement.

The committee is a functional, dynamic entity that requires an educated, engaged membership. If you are interested in serving on the committee, or, if you have questions regarding any matter that is legislative or regulatory in nature, please contact the committee chair. For more information regarding current legislative issues, please visit the Legislative Watch.