The Reimbursement Committee is responsible for educating and updating the membership on the issues pertaining to third-party reimbursement, employment, and other revenue issues for athletic trainers in the State of Wisconsin. Currently the committee is made up of 14 members from throughout the State. The committee has successfully created a variety of reimbursement models and assisted many entities in receiving third-party reimbursement for the work performed by licensed athletic trainers.

The committee currently consists of the following members:

Committee Co-Chairs: Committee members:
  • Matthew Barber
  • Shari Durch
  • Ernest G. Eugene
  • Dominic Greenfield
  • Katie Haman
  • Rachel Kuntz
  • Brian Milnarich
  • Emily Mueller
  • Wade Peitersen
  • Gary Premo
  • Brett Schulz
  • For committee contact information, click here: (PDF)

Purpose and Charge

Purpose: Develop and provide resources to help athletic trainers create healthcare models that enhance business opportunites and return on investment.

The Board of Directors charges this committee to:

  • Develop policies and establish budget prodecures for time spent on WATA reimbursement committee activity
  • Publicize outcome data to entities that are essential to the achievement of third party reimbursement
  • Investigate the utilization of legal services with experience in fair trade law within the health insurance industry
  • Conduct meeting with leading payors, organizations, and employers determined to be the most critical to achieving success with reimbursement and employment initiatives
  • Increase communication with third party payors
  • Initiate and evolve an educational model for athletic trainers and employers related to the business of athletic training
  • Collaborate with District IV COR Committee on issues related to reimbursement


The Reimbursement Committee has created a variety of documents and links to assist WATA members with reimbursement efforts:

Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)
How to Apply for an NPI # (PDF)

Reimbursement Models

Downloadable Documents