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If you are a member of NATA, you are therefore a member of the district and state associated with the information you have on your profile at Please check your profile to see if that information reflects membership into GLATA and WATA. If it does, follow these log-in instructions to access the members only section. If your profile doesn’t reflect the correct information, please change it. You will then be added to our database and access will be granted to you once those databases are updated on a monthly basis. If you have questions please contact Alyson Kelsey ( or Jenny Thorpe (

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Become a “Non-NATA Member” of the WATA today! Students, please visit your Student section to fill out a form and pay a $5 membership fee. Certified Members, please fill out the form below and pay a $40 membership fee. This will be an annual fee for your continued membership with the WATA. Once the form is filled out and our WATA Secretary has received your membership feel you will receive a “Welcome to WATA” letter from the WATA. It will outline your newly granted membership benefits and log-in instructions to access the “Member Only” section. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Alyson Kelsey ( or Jenny Thorpe (