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The WATA is pleased to offer scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students. The Mueller Undergraduate Scholarships, Founding Fathers Leadership Scholarship, and the Jeff Oliphant Memorial Post Graduate Scholarship are designed to provide support for future athletic training professionals.


Founding Fathers Scholarship: Amanda Patterson, UW-Eau Claire with Brad Sherman


Mueller Undergraduate Scholarship: Brandon Yach, UW-Oshkosh and Jamie Destache, UW-Stevens Point with David Leigh


Jeff Oliphant Post Graduate Scholarship: Beth Kinslow, MS, LAT with Anna Linstedt

All student members of the WATA/NATA are encouraged to apply. Students should review the criteria carefully and submit their application. Applications for scholarships are due March 1, 2015. Scholarship descriptions and applications are found below. The applications and information are downloadable in PDF format by clicking on the scholarship name.

WATA Scholarships

Mueller Undergraduate Scholarship

Funded by long time WATA supporter Mueller Sports Medicine, these two undergraduate scholarships are each worth $1,000. The Mueller Undergraduate Scholarship is awarded to athletic training students who have distinguished themselves academically and performed with distinction as a member of the Athletic Training Program in the major in which they have declared their candidacy.
Mueller Scholarship Criteria
Mueller Scholarship Application

Founding Fathers Leadership Scholarship

Named for the original founders of the WATA which include Bill Berry, Charlie Crandall, John Eggert, Dick Grenell, Jerry Nauert, and Brad Sherman. This scholarship is for students in their first year of an athletic training education program at a college or university in Wisconsin. This is a $1000 award.
Founding Fathers Scholarship Criteria

Founding Fathers Scholarship Application

Jeff Oliphant Memorial Post Graduate Scholarship

Established by the executive board of the WATA in 2006 following the passing of President Jeff Oliphant the previous year. This is a $1,000 award.
Jeff Oliphant Scholarship Criteria
Jeff Oliphant Scholarship Application

Applications for scholarships should be sent to:

Anna Linstedt, LAT
ThedaCare Orthopedics Plus
638 Zeh Ave.
Neenah, WI 54956
(920) 716-3928

Recent Scholarship Recipients


  • Amanda Patterson (UW-Eau Claire) - Founding Fathers Leadership
  • Brandon Yach (UW-Oshkosh) and Jamie Destache (UW-Stevens Point) Mueller Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Beth Kinslow, MS, LAT - Jeff Oliphant Post Graduate Scholarship


  • Melissa Beaupre (UW-Eau Claire) - Founding Fathers Leadership
  • Michael Borst (UW-La Crosse) and Melissa Galarowicz (UW-Madison) - Mueller Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Nathan Maresh (UW-Milwaukee) - Jeff Oliphant Post Graduate Scholarship


  • Lian Horbinski (UW-Milwaukee) - Mueller Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Gina Fisher (UW-Stevens Point) - Mueller Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Kyle Petit (UW-Oshkosh) - Founding Fathers Leadership


  • Raeann Bennet- Mueller Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Shanna Karls - Mueller Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Evan Mulder - Founding Fathers Leadership


  • Robert Bullock - (UW-Milwaukee) - Mueller Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Lynzi Zettler - (UW-Stevens Point) - Mueller Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Laura Vick - Jeff Oliphant Memorial Post Graduate Scholarship
  • Emily Kidd - (UW-Eau Claire) - Founding Fathers Leadership


  • Molly Day - (UW-LaCrosse) - Mueller Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Carrie Myers - (UW-Stevens Point) - Mueller Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Rhonda Verdagan - Jeff Oliphant Memorial Post Graduate Scholarship
  • Lindsey Kraemer - (UW-Madison) - Founding Fathers Leadership


  • Sarah Lisowski - (UW-LaCrosse) - Mueller Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Kaylah Reiderer - (Concordia University) - Mueller Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Cordial Gillette - Jeff Oliphant Memorial Post Graduate Scholarship
  • Carrie Myers- (UW-Stevens Point) - Founding Fathers Leadership


  • Sarah Shute - (UW-Oshkosh) - Mueller Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Kelly Wildenberg - (UW-Milwaukee) - Mueller Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Holly Schmies - Jeff Oliphant Memorial Post Graduate Scholarship


  • Nathan Brine (UW-Madison) - Founding Fathers Leadership
  • Stephan Bengal (UW-Eau Claire) - Mueller Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Anna White (Concordia-Milwaukee) - Mueller Undergraduate Scholarship


  • Stephanie Lopez (UW-Eau Claire) - Founding Fathers Leadership
  • Toni Marousek (UW-Eau Claire) - Mueller Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Thomas Krane (UW-Stevens Point) - Mueller Undergraduate Scholarship