Providing Active Care
for Active People

Student Senate


The Board of Directors (BoD) charges this committee to represent the needs of the Wisconsin Athletic Trainers’ Association (WATA) student members by identifying, promoting, and coordinating educational activities for the student membership of the WATA.  The committee also supports the efforts of all WATA Committees.


President: Lauren McLeod
Vice President: Jeremy Amundson
Secretary: Ryan Maurer

Committee Members

Faculty Advisors: Rob Sipes and Holly Schmies
Meeting Coordinators: 
Rachel O'Donnell, Carla Ikert and Jarret Byrnes
Quizbowl and AT Olympics Coordinators: Bianca Mendez and Abraham Vargas
Textbook Raffle Coordinator: Melissa Florine
GLATA Student Senate Representative: Bianca Mendez

WATA Committee Student Senate Members

Research Committee: Marissa Baumhardt
Secondary School and Youth Committee: Rachel O'Donnell
Communication Committee: Carla Ikert
Awards and Scholarship Committee: Ryan Maurer
Young Professionals Committee: Madalyn Krenz
Leadership Development Committee: Abraham Vargas
Continuing Education Committee: Jarret Byrnes

Student Senate School Representatives

Rachel O'Donnell and Bianca Mendez (UW Oshkosh)
Carla Ikert (Carthage University)
Jarret Byrnes (UW Steven's Point)
Marissa Baumhardt (Marquette University)
Lauren McLeod (Concordia University)
Jeremy Amundson  (UW Eau Claire)
Ryan Maurer (UW LaCrosse)
Abraham Vargas (UW Milwaukee)
Madalyn Krenz (UW Madison)
Melissa Florine (Carroll University)

Lauren McLeod
WATA Student Senate President
"I am a 23 year old senior in the Master’s Athletic Training Program at Concordia University. I enjoy kayaking, camping, swimming, hiking, and painting. While studying Athletic Training and being a part of the Student Senate I have learned to truly cherish and embrace spontaneous change. I love being a part of a team behind the scenes and growing in deep relationship with all my athletes while taking care of their bodies the best I can!"

Jeremy Amundson
WATA Student Senate Vice President
"I am a senior in the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire’s Athletic Training program. In my precious free time I enjoy spending time doing anything outdoors and training for triathlons. I am a fairly active person who just enjoys spending time with friends and being outside. One of the most important things I have learned during my time in this program has been time management and getting outside my shell being more social around new people. Participating college wrestling, being involved in many leadership roles both in our program and on campus, and all the responsibilities that come from being an athletic training student have forced me to learn to properly manage my time in order to be as successful as I can in all that I do. I am also 26 years old and this is my second time around at college following my time in the military, so this time around I have definitely learned from my previous mistakes in college. Probably my favorite thing about being an athletic training major is working with the athletes who really love what they do and helping them return to play as soon as possible and helping to prevent them from losing anymore time from their sport."

Ryan Maurer
WATA Student Senate Secretary
Awards and Scholarship Committee
"I am a senior in the athletic training program at UW-La Crosse.  In my free time I enjoy playing a variety of instruments as well as well as playing soccer and basketball.   Through my time in the athletic training program at UW-L and serving on the Student Senate, I have learned the benefit that comes with taking risks and stepping out of your comfort zone."

Rachel O'Donnell
Annual Meeting Co-Coordinator
Secondary School and Youth Committee
"I am a junior in the Athletic Training Program at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. I enjoy playing softball, running, listening to country music, and being outdoors.  While being an Athletic Training Student and a Student Senate member, I have learned the importance of communication and the confidence to step out of one’s comfort zone. The best part about Athletic Training is that there is never a dull moment; each day is an opportunity to learn something new and make a difference in an athlete’s life."

Carla Ikert
Annual Meeting Co-Coordinator
Communications Committee
"I am a junior in the athletic training program at Carthage College. I enjoy playing all sports, camping, and spending time outdoors. Through being an athletic training student and being in the WATA Student Senate I have learned to really push my limits and to step out of my comfort zone. The best part about athletic training is that you get to experience something new everyday."

Jeremy Byrnes
Annual Meeting Co-Coordinator
Continuing Education Committee
"I am a junior in the University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point Athletic Training Program. My hometown is Superior, Wisconsin. I enjoy being in the outdoors, fishing, going to college and professional hockey games, and being around friends and family. One thing I've learned from being an Athletic Training student and apart of the Student Senate is that you can learn a lot by just asking questions and to not be afraid to ask questions. One thing I love about Athletic Training is the positive impact you can have on an athlete!"

Marissa Baumhardt
Research Committee
"I am a Junior in the Direct-Admit Athletic Training Program at Marquette University. In my free time, I enjoy exploring the city of Milwaukee, hiking in Wisconsin’s state parks, and reading great books. As an Athletic Training Student and a WATA Student Senator, I have learned the value of challenging one’s self to take on new opportunities in order to expand horizons and reach one’s fullest potential. Furthermore, the best part of Athletic Training is that I am able to connect with great people and feel part of a team!"

Abraham Vargas
Quiz Bowl and AT Olympics Coordinator
Leadership Committee
"I am a senior in the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee’s Athletic Training Education Program. I was born and raised in the South Side of Milwaukee so coming to UWM was not that big of a change for me personally! I enjoy being active, especially anything that gets me outside (running, hiking, sports, beach, etc.) and breaking a sweat! I have learned so much throughout my college years but my biggest takeaway is that when you to put yourself out of your comfort zone that is really when all of the great learning starts to happen in this great profession."


Madalyn Krenz
Young Professional's Committee
"I am a senior athletic training student at UW Madison. I enjoy traveling, going to country music concerts, and attending sporting events with family and friends. I’ve learned so much thus far as an athletic training student and being a part of the Student Senate, but one of my biggest takeaways is how important it is to take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself and make the most of it."

Melissa Florine
Textbook Raffle Coordinator
"I am a senior in Carroll University’s Athletic Training Program.  I enjoy all that summer has to offer with bonfires, camping, the beach, and concerts, but am perfectly content curling up on the couch watching a good movie as well.  I have learned so much in the short time I have had at Carroll, but the most valuable is to be flexible and take advantage of every opportunity that you can, you never know what is once in a lifetime.  Growing up I was in many sports, so I love that Athletic Training allows me to still be a vital part of the team."

Bianca Mendez
Quiz Bowl and AT Olympics Coordinator

GLATA Student Senate Representative 
"I am a junior in the Athletic Training Program at UW Oshkosh. In my spare time I enjoy playing soccer, golf, basketball, and cooking. As an athletic training student and a member on the GLATA Student Senate I have learned the importance of communication and to not be afraid to fail. The best part of athletic training is getting to know all different kinds of athletes and helping them be the best they can."